Award Guidelines

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The IPEC Foundation has approved the creation of various awards to reward and encourage innovation and research into excipients, i.e., inactive pharmaceutical ingredients.


The Foundation intends to review of these guidelines annually. The Foundation will retain records of all expenditures and awards distributed along with the application for the award. The Board of Directors of the Foundation will determine each year how many awards it intends to distribute. The Foundation will not grant the monetary portions of these prizes to disqualified individuals (as defined in the U.S. tax code for 501(c)(3) organizations).

Nominations for recipients of these awards shall be open to the public, and the Foundation will solicit the opinion of trade associates, pharmacy schools, companies, and others to help select worthy nominees.

The Foundation will recognize award winners at an annual award ceremony.

General Guidelines

The Foundation intends to select award winners annually. As the Foundation grows, the Foundation may establish more awards and scholarships.

Proposed award recipients may be nominated by professors; counselors; faculty members at institutions of higher learning; members of the Foundation; and officials in the pharmaceutical or excipient industry.

The Foundation will establish for each award, grant or scholarship the amount, the criteria for selection, the nomination process, and the selection process. Employees of IPEC-Americas and IPEC Federation member companies may receive awards, however are not eligible for any monetary compensation.

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