Louis Blecher Lifetime Achievement Award

The IPEC Foundation has established the Louis Blecher Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award to reward those individuals who, during their lifetime, have made substantial intellectual contributions to the field of excipients, i.e., inactive pharmaceutical ingredients. Recipients of this award will be recognized by the IPEC Foundation as a reward for their long dedication to understanding excipients.

Nominations for this award shall be submitted directly to the Board of Directors ("Board") of IPEC Foundation. The Board shall consider any nominations that was submitted to it and may consider any other nomination made by a member of the Board. An appropriate nominee is any individual who has conducted research or has been involved in improving the safety or effectiveness of excipients for a substantial period of time.

The Board will decide the winner of the award by majority vote of members of the Board after the Board has discussed the nominees. This award will be granted periodically, but not more than once a year, to those individuals that the Board decides have substantially contributed to the understanding of excipients through a lifetime of work.

At this time, this award is only eligible to residents of the United States. In the future, IPEC Foundation may expand the eligibility pool to residents of other countries. All applicants should complete the Foundation's Prize Application to be considered for this award.

The award for 2008 has been given to Louis Blecher, founder of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas in 1991 and the person responsible for the creation of the Regional IPECs in America, Europe, and Japan. Mr. Blecher's strong commitment and efforts to build an excipient global trade association and to set high standards of global self-regulation and harmonization of excipients over the last seventeen years have been a credit to the entire international pharmaceutical industry. To honor Louis Blecher's outstanding lifetime efforts the Foundation has made him the first recipient of this award and renamed this award in his honor.

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