Ralph Shangraw Memorial Award

Amount of award - $10,000

The Ralph Shangraw Memorial Award is to be awarded to any person who, in the opinion of the Board, has provided outstanding research contributions in the study of excipients or excipient-related technology over a number of years. The award is open to all scientists of any nationality or residence working in this field of research.

Before his death in 1998, Professor Shangraw, former Chair, Department of Pharmaceutics, had spent over 38 years teaching and conducting research on improving the safety and functionality of excipients at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, along with many years of service at the U. S. Pharmacopeia.

This award recognizes research achievements broadly in the field of pharmaceutical excipients, including but not limited to, research that contributes to: (1) an understanding of the basic science underlying excipient functionality, (2) excipient safety, including the development of test methods and standards, (3) the development of new excipients or novel use of existing excipients in new applications, and (4), the development of rational compendial/regulatory standards for excipients. Recipients of this award will receive $10,000 from the IPEC Foundation for their efforts.

Nominations for this award shall be submitted to the Foundation's Scientific Advisory Committee ("SAC"). The SAC will initially screen the applicants based on the Foundation's criteria, and the top (3) nominees will be referred to Foundation Board of Directors for final selection. The Board will decide the winner by a majority vote of the Board of Directors after discussing the various nominees and the recommendations of the SAC. The Board of Directors will rank the applicants by order of merit, to ensure a qualified recipient is readily available, in case the top-ranked selection declines the grant. All applicants must complete the Foundation's Prize Application to be considered for this award.

The award will be given out by the Foundation annually unless there are no worthy applicants that year. This award is open to any individual who has contributed to the research of excipients regardless of nationality. Employees of IPEC-Americas or IPEC Federation member companies are not eligible to receive monetary compensation if selected.

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