The International Pharmaceutical Excipient Council of the Americas Foundation (IPEC Foundation), is sponsoring up to five (5) annual scholarships to acknowledge excellence in research conducted at the graduate level pertaining to the field of Excipients.

The scholarships focus on recent significant contributions to formulation science and technology with excipients brought about by highly innovative research. A partial list of relevant research topics might include:

(1) Understanding the relationship between physical/chemical properties and functionality of excipients,

(2) the role of excipients in nanotechnology,

(3) the role of absorption facilitators,

(4) optimizing excipient functionality,

(5) development of functionality-based acceptance tests,

(6) development of performance standards for excipients,

(7) excipient safety,

(8) excipient compatibility,

(9) new or novel applications for existing excipients,

(10) development of new excipients.

In addition to these ten possible research topics, for the toxicology/pharmacology scholarship, the following further possible relevant topics could include:

(11) characterization of potential toxicity of excipients,

(12) safety consideration of excipients in combination with APIs.

(13) ways in which the known or potential toxicity of APIs (e.g. ADME) , can be eliminated or at least moderated by new excipients or unique formulation methodology.

All interested candidates engaged in their final year of graduate studies leading to a Ph.D. degree (or to be awarded in the year of submission) are encouraged to apply.

Nomination & Eligibility Requirements

1. Submission of the completed nomination form.

2. Submit a summary of recent research efforts or research plane (not more than two pages, 12 point font). The summary should address the success of the research efforts on meeting current needs in the field of formulation science and technology with excipients, as well as how the research findings are likely to impact the future applications of this technology. The summary should also illustrate the innovative application of scientific principles in the work.

3. Submission of one reference letter that addresses the scientific impact of the recent research efforts of the applicant toward formulation science and technology.

4. Submission of current curriculum vitae of the applicant.

5. The nomination form and supporting documents should be submitted as a single PDF file to by June 15.  

The award name (2017 Excipient Graduate Student Scholarships) must be shown in the subject line of the email.

Mailed nominations will be accepted if sent to: IPEC Foundation, 3138 10th Street N, Suite #500, Arlington, VA 22201.

Selection Procedures

The selection committee will be comprised of the IPEC Foundation's Scientific Advisory Committee. The Scientific Advisory Committee will make its selection based on the following criteria listed in order of importance:

  • Relevance of the work to current needs and potential impact on the future of formulation science and technology with excipients
  • Scientific innovation of the current work
  • Curriculum vitae and letters of reference
  • Compliance to award rules and format

The five scholarship winners will be the individuals judged to have provided the most outstanding contributions to the field through their current work. In the absence of eligible contributions, IPEC Foundation reserves the right to withdraw some or all of the awards and/or to apply them to future meetings of AAPS.

The candidates selected will present their research at the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition and  will receive a cash award of $1,500. In addition, the scholarship winners will be required to present his/her research in digital format during the poster session and will receive a certificate and a commerative ribbon from the IPEC Foundation indicating his/her work as "scholarship winner", which will be displayed.

The recipient will be asked to be present during the AAPS Excipient Focus Group Committee meeting.

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