The International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas Foundation ("Foundation") has approved the following criteria and guidelines to be used in selecting recipients of its annual awards and scholarship grants. These guidelines shall be followed when selecting recipients of these IPEC Foundation awards.


The Foundation has approved the creation of various awards to reward and encourage innovation and research into excipients, i.e., inactive pharmaceutical ingredients. The Foundation has also created Graduate Student Scholarships.


The Foundation intends to review these guidelines annually and update them as necessary. The Board of Directors ("Board") of the Foundation determines each year how many awards it intends to distribute.

Nominations for recipients of these awards shall be open to the public, and the Foundation will solicit the opinion of trade associates, pharmacy schools, companies, professional organizations, and others to help select worthy nominees.

General Guidelines

The Foundation intends to grant awards and scholarships annually. As the Foundation grows, more awards may be established.

Proposed award recipients may be nominated by professors; counselors; faculty members at institutions of higher learning; members of the Foundation; and employees in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, or excipient industry.

The Foundation will establish for each award the amount (if any), the criteria for selection, the nomination process, and the selection process. All awards may not be offered every year as determined by the Foundation.

Established Awards

The Foundation has established the following major awards:

  1. the Louis Blecher Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award,
  2. the Ralph Shangraw Memorial Award,
  3. the Patrick DeLuca Emerging Researcher Award and
  4. the Henk de Jong Industrial Research Achievement Award.

The Foundation has also established a maximum of five (5) Excipient Graduate Student Scholarships to be awarded in any one year.

From time to time, other awards may also be established at the discretion of the Foundation. Awards may also be discontinued at the discretion of the Foundation.

If after solicitation of applications, the Foundation does not receive a nomination deemed worthy of a particular award, that award will not be awarded for that particular year.

The Decision of the Board is final.

Application and Eligibility Requirements

Individuals who wish to apply for the awards discussed in this document should submit the related completed nomination form. Applicants should submit a summary of their accomplishments and research efforts. Applicants should also submit their current curriculum vitae as part of their application.

The application form and supporting documents should be submitted by June 15th of the year of application. Mailed nominations will also be accepted if sent to: IPEC Foundation, 3138 10th Street N, Suite 500, Arlington, VA 22201.

Serving members of the Board of the Foundation, the Foundation Scientific Advisory Committee, or members of the Executive Committee of International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council of the Americas (“IPEC-Americas”) shall not be eligible to receive any of the Foundation Awards, except the Louis Blecher Memorial Award.

Note: All applicants/nominees are required to sign a statement declaring that the contents of the application are true and accurate. If subsequently, an application is found to be fraudulent in any way, this will result in disqualification of the award and require the return of any monies received and the cost of the conference registration. The sponsor and sponsoring institution will be informed. Depending on the severity of the deceit, it may cause the sponsor and/or the institution to be barred from nominating applicants for any Foundation Awards in future.