Henk de Jong Industry Research Achievement in Excipient Technology Award

The Foundation established the Henk de Jong Industry Research Achievement in Excipient Technology Award to recognize individuals working in an industrial setting who have made significant contributions in the field of excipient technology. The award will be given annually to an individual working in the field of excipient technology who, in the opinion of the Board, has made a significant research contribution to the field, while working in industry.

The Award is based on criteria similar to those in the Ralph Shangraw Memorial Award. It was established in recognition of the fact that an industrial researcher will almost always be at a disadvantage compared to their academic colleagues in terms of being able to publish their research because of industrial restrictions on publication, and concerns over intellectual property.

Applications for this Award are invited from industrial researchers who have made significant contributions in excipient technology over a number of years. Nominations for this award shall be submitted to the Foundation's Scientific Advisory Committee ("SAC"). The SAC will initially screen the applicants based on the Foundation's criteria, and the top (3) nominees considered worthy of the award will be referred to the Foundation Board for final selection. The Board will decide the winner by a majority vote after discussing the various nominees and the recommendations of the SAC. The Board will rank the award applicants by order of merit, to ensure a qualified recipient is readily available, in case the top-ranked selection declines the grant. All applicants must submit their application using the Foundation's Award Application to be considered for this Award.

This Award does not carry any monetary compensation because of (501)(c)(3) tax and related limitations. It is open all industry-based workers in the field of excipient technology, regardless of nationality or country of residence.

The winner will be expected to attend the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) in the year of the award and will receive a complimentary AAPS Annual Meeting registration.

  1. The nomination form and supporting documents may be submitted online.
  2. If you prefer, you may send as a single PDF file to ipecamer@ipecamericas.org by July 22nd of the year of application. A single Microsoft Word file will be accepted if PDF capability is not available. The award name (Industry Research Achievement in Excipient Technology Award) must be shown in the subject line of the email. Mailed nominations will be accepted if sent to: IPEC Foundation, 3138 N. 10th Street, Suite #500, Arlington, VA 22201, USA

Apply online (preferred)

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